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SminkFIT is Ancaster's Premier Fitness Gym
1412 Sandhill Drive, Ancaster, ON - L9G 4V5
What to expect: 
  • Accountability - we care about your success, and we help you reach your fitness goals
  • ​Judgment Free - Every person has a different situation and backstory, our only goal is to see you leave each class empowered 
  • Personalized  Attention -  With  a maximum of 9 people per class, you get the benefits of 1-on-1 training in a supportive team environment
  • Modifications tailored to your fitness ability
Are you struggling with making yourself and your health a priority? 

Do you have too many balls in the air and feel like adding the "gym" to the everyday chaos of life, is too overwhelming? 

I know how that feels because I too am a parent, partner and a busy business professional. I know your struggles because I have them too!  

This is why I opened SminkFIT, to help women become the best version of themselves AND still show up as the best parent, partner and business leader they always were! 

SminkFIT isn't just about working out - it's about taking care of YOU because YOU deserve it!  So get your free pass and I will see you at SminkFIT! 

Marta  - Owner & Operator at SminkFit Inc. 

Trainer Marta; SminkFIT
Success Stories!
When I first started working with Trainer Marta, my goal was to lose weight, get into shape and eat healthier.
Fast forward two years later and I'm now on my 3rd fitness competition, which Marta has prepared me for. She has literally transformed me. Not only am I eating healthy for the first time in my life, I am in the best shape ever. I feel happy, healthy, and I'm so thankful to Marta for changing my life. Did I mention I'm 51 years old?!
Marta truly is my fitness angel.
Trainer Marta has taken me to a place I could never reach on my own. For years I struggled to figure out how to eat right, how much cardio to do, and forget weights, they just confused me. She has taught me nutrition and taught me how to lift. I am now confident in any area in a gym and pass my knowledge on to others. This amazing trainer not only defines your muscles, she builds your confidence and self esteem. She is not just my trainer now she has become a great friend. I couldn't imagine where I would be with out her. Best trainer ever!!!
Trainer Marta gets it done! No mess, no fuss, we just get to work, and we see results. She motivated me to want more from my body, and myself. I have a stronger core, stronger arms, more endurance, even handstands! Staying strong and letting my family and friends see the amazing results so I can influence and motivate them too. 
Our Promise to You...
 We want you to join our family because of the
 Vibrant, Inclusive, Happy and Healthy Community that SminkFIT has....
Not because you were pressured into buying a membership. 
If you want to keep working out with us, great!
 And if our classes aren't the best fit for you, that is okay too. We respect your journey!  

 We don't like to be pressured into anything and so we don't do that to our clients. 
We treat you in the way we like to be treated: with respect and integrity.
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